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Recipies for Natural Bug Repellent

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Dear Friends, Parents and Customers, Pregnant or Not,

Baby, it’s warm outside. If you are pregnant or traveling with a newborn and/or a breast feeding baby, please take the time to read this great information about how to make your own, natural insecticide. Exposure to insect repellents has always been a source of concern with regard to adverse outcomes to the infant because they contain the chemicals DEET (N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide) or permethrin which can cross the placenta and are considered toxic in high doses. Generally 6 to 8 % of the repellent is absorbed when applied topically to the skin.

If you want to remind yourself regarding all the reasons to remain natural against bugs, read my previous blog on pesticides here.

Mosquito Repellent Recipe
Insect Repellent with Essential Oils
Charts and information provided by Abdelkrim Amer and Heinz Mehlorn(2006)

*Many of these essential oils, although natural and herbal, are not designed to be ingested or used during the first trimester of pregnancy when all the organs of the fetus are forming. The compounds mentioned have not had any harmful effects noted in pregnancy but we recommend that pregnant women should still avoid insect infested areas and not use these essential oils on a daily basis.

If you must use a repellent with insecticide:

  1. Never spray insect repellent in an enclosed area. This might cause breathing difficulties for your baby.
  2. Never spray the repellent directly on the baby’s face. Instead, first spray the repellent on your hands and then apply to your baby’s face and exposed skin.
  3. Before trying any insect repellent for babies, apply a small patch on the baby’s arm to check if the baby’s skin is sensitive to it or not.
  4. Do not use insect repellent near the baby’s eyes, mouth and avoid applying the insect repellent on cuts.
  5. Avoid, using insect repellent on the baby’s hands as most babies have the habit of putting their hands into their mouth.
  6. Avoid applying the insect repellent on the baby’s skin more than once a day.
  7. Once you and your baby are back inside the house, wash off the insect repellent immediately with unscented soap and water.
  8. Never use insecticide on your breast or chest if you are breast feeding.

Best regards,

Dr. Michele Brown,
OBGYN and Founder of Beauté de Maman

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