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Highlights in a Baby's Development: Part Deux

Monday, September 20th, 2010

This blog is a continuation of last week’s important developmental milestones and will cover from 5 to 8 months of age. Remember, babies differ greatly in the order and speed with which they learn and develop skills.

Some babies will first start learning skills at a certain age that others have already mastered. Some babies are advanced in motor skills but more average in social skills, all of which fall within the range of “normal”. What is important for a parent to do is to be aware of the wide range of skills and be encouraging by challenging your baby through language, games, toys, and exercise. Providing a safe environment during this period cannot be overemphasized. Exploration and learning are often fraught with real danger and while we as parents do not want to thwart intellectual learning and development, we must also be wary of the dangers that can occur in the process and must always be on the alert.

Click this link to download a PDF file of the charts below that you can print. We have left space on the right side so that you can add your own developmental notes and photographs. Feel free to add the completed chart to your baby’s scrapbook to be enjoyed for years to come. Keeping a calendar or diary of some of these important landmarks can be special memory for a family and a record that a grown child will treasure forever.

Fifth Month Development Chart

Sixth Month Development Chart

Seventh Month Development Chart

Eighth Month Development Chart

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